Assignment: The Senior Logistics Officer is responsible for logistical management, maintenance and state of equipment, and the management of goods and assets of ACTED Syria in the field.


1.     Logistical Management

A.     Logistical management of Mission premises:

-       Oversee the furnishings of premises (offices and guesthouses);

-       Supervise maintenance and repairs of premises;

B.     Provision and replenishing of office supplies:

-       Identify needs in stationery and office supplies;

-       Establish a follow-up procedure for the stationery store;

-       Undertake purchases and storage of supplies;

C.    Financial Management:

-       Manage the expenses for the logistical department ;

-       Provide documentary justification of expenses to the Country Finance Department;

2.     Procurement, Stock Management and Suppliers

A.     Database of Local Suppliers:

-       Undertake a market study;

-       Set up and maintain a database of local suppliers, detailing criteria of quality, price, service, ethics etc;

B.     Follow up of Procurement Procedures, conforming to procurement guidelines

-       Reviewing/Revising all Order forms before submitting to Country office for approval

-       Undertake quotations or launch Calls for Tender;

-       Purchase goods, draft contracts;

-       Receive merchandise and oversee the customs procedures for imported goods;

-       Check the condition and nature of goods received as required by the contracts;

-       Manage the presentation, circulation, filing and archiving of procurement documents, conforming to FLAT procedures;

C.    Management of Stocks and Supplies:

-       Identify warehouses for storages, ensure premises are furnished and made secure for use;

-       Establish tools for stock management;

-       Undertake periodic inventories;

-       Manage stock movements and distributions of goods in the framework of project implementation;

3.     Management of the Vehicle Pool and Transportation

A.     Management of the Vehicle Pool:

-       Organise the allocation and daily availability of vehicles;

-       Establish tools for vehicles follow-up: log books, technical check-ups etc.;

-       Ensure the maintenance of and undertake a monthly inventory of the vehicle pool;

-       Calculate and check the monthly cost of each vehicle (fuel consumption, repairs) in coordination with the CFO;

B.     Transportation management:

-       Identify companies for the transportation of stock;

-       Elaborate and follow a timetable of stock delivery for projects;

-       Complete and file waybills ;

-       Organise and oversee loading and unloading of goods;

-       Ensure administrative and custom requirements are adhered to;

4.     Management of Technical Equipments

A.     Management of the IT Network:

-       Organise the installation of computing hardware and software (computers, printers, scanners, photocopiers, Network systems);

-       Identify suppliers of Internet access and negotiate service contracts;

-       Ensure back-ups of information and files are kept on the server;

-       Ensure the maintenance and undertake a regular inventory of IT equipment;

B.     Management of Communication equipment:

-       Organise the installation of communication equipment: telephones, HF and VHF radios;

-       Train staff in the use of such equipments;

-       Ensure the maintenance and undertake a monthly inventory of communication equipment;

-       Calculate and check the monthly communication cost of each base (telephones, e-mail, Internet), in coordination with the CFO;

C.    Management of Power supplies equipment:

-       Organise the installation of equipment: generators, solar panels etc;

-       Train staff in the operation of such equipments;

-       Ensure regular maintenance and undertake a monthly inventory of equipment;

5.     Deapartment Follow-up

A.     Team Leadership:

-       Update the organigramme and ToRs of the logistics department according to the mission development;

-       Oversee the team and undertake appraisals of directly supervised colleagues;

-       Ensure training and capacity building for logistics team members in order to increase the level of technical ability and skills within the department;

B.     Internal Procedures and Information Flos;

-       Develop relevant management procedures within the team;

-       Improve information floes within the department and with other departments and projects. 


     • At least more than one year of working experience in private sector or NGOs

    • Extensive experience in logistics management and procedures;

   • Demonstrated communication and organizational skills;

     • Ability to train, mobilize, and manage staff

   • Flexibility and ability to multi-task under pressure;

    • Ability to work well in unstable and frequently changing security environments;

   • Proven ability to work creatively and independently;

     • Advanced proficiency in written and spoken English

    • Knowledge of arabic is desirable, but not necessary.

Short Info

  • Job Type: Full Time
  • Category: Transport and logistics
  • Required Gender: Any
  • Post Date: 2017-11-08 07:32:14
  • Deadline: 4 Days Left
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