Under the supervision of the southern Syria WASH Projects Coordinator, the site engineer will supervise the rehabilitation works of water boreholes, water network and waste water networks according to the agreed BoQ’s, specifications and standards. The site engineer will also, conduct technical evaluations, help establishing the related bill of quantities and insure the quality of proposed items and materials from the suppliers. The position is based in ACTED’s office - Dara -Mseifre and will supervise site projects in both Dara’ and Qunaitra Governorates. 

Functions and Responsibilities of the Site Engineer

Technical supervision and Implementation Support:


·         Work with WASH Projects Coordinator for the preparation of the weekly work plans, procurement schedules and inspection and testing plans.

·         Ensure the quality and efficiency of all field work done relevant to infrastructure rehabilitation.

·         Submit any relevant paperwork, photos, GPS to Project Manager at the end of each day with work summary, or as described by program manager.

·         Act as a clear communication channel between ACTED program, contractors, sub-contractors, venders, partners field staff and beneficiaries.

·         Perform regular work inspections to assure quality of works and compatibility with agreed specification, BoQ’s, standards and drawings.

·         Assure safety of the works and proper usage of PPE by ACTED staff and monitor if contractors following the safety standards and rules.

·         Immediately alert line manager and ACTED Security Officer if there is any type of threat and security risk to staff.

·         Make sure that all subordinated staff follow ACTED procedures.

·         Communicate with the line manager and relevant staff for any difficulties linked to project implementation and propose solutions.

·         Closely coordinate with the field stake holders including local councils (LC), operators and any recognized authority.

·         Closely coordinate with ACTED logistics, monitors and other teams.

·         Check and validate with Project Manager payment requests by contractors and partners in terms of actual implemented quantities.

·         Prepare with contractor and respective (LC) and water management unites (WMU) for taking over activities and project hand over.

·         Follow up with the WMU during the operation and evaluate the site conditions, needs to insure smooth transition.

·         Follow up during the defect liability period and evaluate related defects and insure proper remedy actions by venders and contractors. 

·         Draft and follow up of program correspondence and reports in coordination with Project Manager.

·         Prepare, check the quality and accuracy of all documents submitted by the field staff (beneficiary lists, reports, analysis, forms etc.).


External Relations

·         Support, facilitate or undertake communication and liaison activities to actively consult and involve beneficiaries, key informants, actors, partners and stakeholders in all stages of project design and implementation.

·         Ensure that at all times contact with stake holders is conducted in a sensitive and respectful manner.

·         Identify opportunities to collaborate and coordinate efforts with other organizations to ensure activities build upon - rather than replicate - the work of others.


Quality Control

·         Develop all necessary technical guidelines, tools, plans, etc. to ensure effective and efficient delivery of the project.

·         Ensure lessons learned are documented, shared and reflected in project planning and decision making.

·         Collect field demand as per the approved plan and carry out quality checks for implementation and procurement processes as required.

·         Advise on, and assist with relevant AME components, and project reviews conducted by the M&E team.



·         Provide regular and timely updates on progress and challenges to the Project Manager and Area Coordinator. 

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